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Hi guys,

I'm Mike, some guy, middle-aged from Germany with a strong sense and hot fondness and passion for humor and good jokes and sayings.

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I've been collecting jokes since 2018 and started with a pure German language collection and now added an English language one with this site, simply because there are so many good ones and jokes waiting to be discovered, and cheered.

The greatest thing about it is that you can rate these jokes, so arise, little by little, best lists, I put there entirely on the swarm intelligence. It's simple: the more people join in and rate jokes, the clearer the picture becomes of the jokes that really inspire. And then, one day, we'll know the best jokes in the world.
Little by little I'm expanding, more and more categories, classic and absurd jokes, it's all there and the site is growing and growing.

By the way, I'm happy about any kind of feedback, do you like the site, what would you like to have more of, what less of, what is maybe still missing completely? Maybe you would like to submit jokes yourself? Or actively contribute to this site? Maybe you would like to have the joke of the day in your inbox every day?

Whatever it is, let me know.

And now I wish you a lot of fun on this site, browsing and rating thousands of jokes.
Have fun!
Michael (Mike)